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accept credit cards at your dispenser.

Point-of-Sale Integration!
Eliminate tokens!
Print a single use pin number on your POS receipt.
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Change Reader Time
Effective January of 2015 (build) versions 20 and lower of all eRange software will be obsolete.

Effective January of 2015 eRange Software, including POS integration methods,
SHOULD BE UPDATED TO Version 30 software created by eRange Inc.
Technical support will no longer be provided for software product versions (builds) 20 and lower,
including POS DLLs, developed by Kane's Distributing Ltd.

Effective January of 2015 POS integration requires the golf course or driving range
to pay an annual fee of $240.00 for integration licensing and technical support.

The first year of POS integration using version 30 software and version 30 integration methods
is included with the purchase of eRange PIN (Version 8) software.

Software installation assistance, training and 90 days of technical support
is included with software purchase.

 Better Management, Bigger Profits

e-range can track every basket dispensed by your range ball dispenser. You can balance employee's cash to the actual sales at the dispenser, even weeks after their shift. You can print a report showing exactly what happened at the ball dispenser on that shift.

Golf Course driving range privileges can be managed more efficiently; use e-range to eliminate token hoarding and free distribution of tokens to non-members.

e-range gives you information at your fingertips about your sales and customer purchasing habits. Sales graphs and reports for the week, month and customer activity can be reviewed and printed.

Wireless PIN numbers and POS integration have been added to contribute to the overall ease of use that ultimately makes e-range the best solution around.

eRange software requires Windows® XP, Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10.
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